First Booga (with boo-boos)

Well I finished my first booga and it turned out good, with a few minor flaws. I didn’t make the cord long enough as they said to, but it works for me. I used Cascade 220, it felted up really well and it only took 4 times. I think I am hooked on these bags! :XX:

Ohh I LOVE those colors!! :inlove:

Great job :thumbsup:

That is very cute! Short handle work well, too! :wink:

great job! Those booga bags are really popular… yours looks super awsomeo! :thumbsup:

i LOVE the colors!!

:smiley: Love your booga,…WTG :thumbsup:

GREAT colours! Love it =D

Very nicely done! It felted up great! Cute! :cheering:

Looks wonderful - I love the color comobination!

Great job! Your colors are so pretty!

Very cute! Felting is so fun, isn’t it?


That is so sweet, those colors just make me grin!

Way to go!