First baby sweater/ increase help?

Making a hooded baby sweater from this pattern (more or less) - need help with instruction “increase one st, place marker, increase one st”.

I got a big hole! I used “make 1 & knit it” and then “make 1 & knit it”. Maybe it’s a front & back loop thing? These increases are right after neck rib, where you start the body & sleeves.

It’s not shown very well put together/ zipper seriously needs to be redone if what I’m seeing is off by as much as it looks. Not written to be easily understood - lots of expected/ implied knowledge that I don’t have perhaps!

Also wanting to put cable down center front and top/center each sleeve. I have a 24 year old version slightly smaller that was given to my daughter when she was a baby.

Some increases leave bigger holes than others. Go here and use the M1R (make one right) and M1L (make one left). I used those on my last raglan shaping and they leave no holes! :happydance: Just watch the videos a few times to get the hang of it, and you’ll be set!

I had a feeling it was front or back loop thing…will try.

She calls it Make 1 front/ Make 1 back - might be easier to keep straight thinking of it that way for me. Will experiment - but is it front first, then back or other way around? About to attempt - maybe I can tell by looking once I try it.

Thanks again…love her knitting demo’s - very useful. Just didn’t know what technique I was looking for!
Laurie in Maine

Well, tried the M1 Front, Make 1 Back - left/right (for raglan sleeves, I think they’re called?) as shown in the video. I suck! Big holes still. Plus needle may not be pointy enough but having a heck of a time getting needle into stitch. I’m not digging lacy holes where the sleeves set in!

Would Knit front & back, place marker, knit front & back work? Is there an alternate sleeve method I should check out in "knit top down, all one piece baby sweaters?!.

Not sure why her instructions include circular needle info as the end of the sleeves are the only thing I could see possible knit in round. Really threw me off. I think the sweater is excellent for getting on and off sleeping babies with zipper in back. Maybe I just didn’t find a well enough written version.

I’m not adverse to sewing seams but I have zero knowledge making sweaters. I have a smaller version of a well made hooded baby sweater to go by 58 stitches cast on instead of the 78 in this one as best I can tell. They must have came from the genesis of the same pattern. I took out garter stitch borders between hood and neck, neck ribbing and body. Now that I’ve torn out the 3 inches I had done may add knit row to divide. I don’t want the ridge of a garter between each section.


You can use any increase that you like and looks good to you.

You might want to try a few out with some practice yarn first to decide which ones you want instead of trial and error on your sweater. Check out the increases tab under basic techniques. Amy does eight different increases here, so you have a lot of choices, especially since the pattern doesn’t recommend a specific increase.

I agree that the picture with the zipper in it is a little :?? (a lot) off. :rofl: