First baby sweater and some slippers

I forgot to take the final picture of my sweater with the button and all, before sending it off. But here it is just before the buttons.

And I made the Mary Jane style slippers from the Knitpicks Fancy Feet Anklet set…that was a bit of a challenge since I don’t use charts normally, and I had a little trouble with visualizing where the pattern was going. Is it Jan who always advises, “Trust the Pattern” (or Ingrid??) Anyway, I did, and ultimately, it worked. :slight_smile:

they are both so cute…now I’m gonna have to break down and do the anklets they look SOOOOOOO comfy

You did a great job on both! I have considered making the anklets, too. They do look comfie!

Nice knitting! I love what you’ve accomplished!

Those are nice! And you can make your photos a tad bigger than thumbnails. :teehee:

Congrats! The sweater and slippers both look great!!