First baby shower gift complete

First blanket done … now on to my very first baby sweater :oo:


That’s lovely!!!

That is a beautiful blanket!

It is very beautiful!:inlove:

Wow, that looks great! Awesome job!

It’s beautiful – love the color! Lucky baby!

It is adorable.

Great work!:hug:

Nice!Where did you find the pattern?


Sooooooooooo pretty. Thanks for sharing!

Very, very pretty - love the pattern!

It’s beautiful!! How precious!

That’s gorgeous. She and the baby will both love it!

I found the pattern here :


Simply beautiful, that child is very lucky to have such a thing knitted just for him/her.

That is just beautiful! The edging is so pretty!

Great job - really beautiful work. The new mum will love it!

Oooooooooooh, such a pretty blanket!



Very nice!

:inlove: It looks soooo cozy!!!