First 1898 hat

Loved making this unique hat. So incredibly warm due to the way the brim is made. I will be making many more as so perfect for the charity.

Nicely done! I do like that purple stripe.

Thanks Grumpy! I once picked up a bunch of purple yarn and mauve to make a
Blanket with a bee st pattern. Never worked out, so for a while now lots of purple stash.
Kinda sick of purple now…but I did like adding a bit of colour to the grey hat.

That’s a neat hat! What pattern is it?

Wonderful! We used to see bougainvillea growing alongside grey houses and I always thought it was the most wonderful combination. Love the hat.

This is the free pattern from ravelry. I just added the stripe. If you check out the other projects of that hat you will see lots of imaginative added designs on them.

Great history of the hat too.

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That’s funny Salmonmac!