Firefox add-on!

I had a huge URL that I wanted to send my daughter and was afraid it would be cut off so I was going to use to shorten it, but when I did a search I found that Firefox has an add on for it! It’s awesome! It shows up in your tools. Get it here -

Looks like this screenshot. I used the “from current URL” and it copied the new link to my clipboard.


Cool. I LOVE Firefox. I try to convert everyone I talk to. :teehee:

Very cool! I heart Firefox!

I just discovered that when you right click over a link it also shows up. Pretty cool, but I probably won’t be using that one much because I like to look at the link before I save it or send to someone. :teehee:

Nice tip, I can actually use this for work too

well i couldn’t care less about firefox and use it very minimally but you can do this with IE too. IE you can’t drag the button to your links but you can copy and paste it. when you click on the button it will take you to the Tiny URL page but it will have already created the URL and pasted it into your clipboard. I didn’t realize it at first and didn’t trust it at first when i did realize it, but it does work.

The only thing with that is that i have notice the beta version of Norton doesn’t allow the site access to my clipboard so i still have to copy and paste it. I use it all the time at home though… mostly for my twittering :slight_smile:

[COLOR=DarkOrchid][SIZE=3][FONT=Comic Sans MS]My son converted me to Firefox a few weeks ago. I adore the CoolIris add on. Just mouse over a link, click on the blue box and it opens the link in a semi-permanent window. I can read all the posts and answer (if I’m willing to give up the formatting) them here without opening up an additional window. [/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]

Ahh this makes me happy.

Ever since I made the switch forever ago I keep finding more reasons to NEVER go back to internet explorer. I even downloaded a plus! program for my MSN messenger so that when I open my hotmail it opens in Firefox.