Finishing top of hat w/circular needles

Hi anyone,

Iam trying to finish knitted hat w/circ needles. I saw this done on “”. It’s getting tight even though I saw it being done on this website. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
I am using size 16 length and size 15 needle. How could I manipulate this down to a few sts? Iam trying to close w/o using DPNs. Thank you, Babette:whoosh:

You can’t close the top with a 16" circ. You have to choose another method of knitting in the round. Your choices are DPN, 2 circs, or magic loop. There are videos under advanced techniques. I use magic loop for the whole thing now so I don’t have to switch.

ETA: Okay, I found the video and watched. I don’t recommend that because it really stretches out your yarn and puts a strain on the joins of the circular needles.

If you have another circ the same size but longer (or even a size up or down) you can use both of them or just the longer one with the magic or single loop technique.

It’s a bit of a struggle even in the video. And the last row, at 4 sts must be very stretched out. If you don’t have another size 15 you could try a bit smaller needle in combination with the 15 for the last few rows.

I have done it that way, but honestly, if you have anything else you can use as a spare needle it’ll work better. Two circs, don’t worry about the length, work best for me. They don’t even HAVE to be the same size at that late stage in the hat. If you don’t have another circular, you may need to use your imagination and see what else you have lying around. Fat crochet hooks, pencils and pens (if you knit with a ballpoint pen, make sure it’s the same color as your yarn)…it’s also possible to use a straight needle and do a lot of stitch-slipping.