Finishing the Hoody - a few Qs

Should I block it even though it’s Wool Ease Thick N Quick? Doesn’t seem like that would do much…All I could do is mist it…I dunno, I’ve never done blocking, so I don’t know the next step after that lol.

Do any of you know of a tutorial for set-in sleeve seaming, or have tips? I’ve never done this, but I’m looking around.

Should I have posted this in the “How to” section or the pattern section?

If you find anything on set in sleeve seaming, let me know. I did that on a sweater a while back and it was a &&%^! I had assumed that it would be the same as any other but it was a little different.

As far as blocking, does the pattern give a diagram where there are finished dimensions? If so, I would block to that even though its wool ease…that way when you sew it together everything is the size it should be. Plus, if the knitting isn’t very flat it can be a pain putting it together.

Well, I have yet to find anything on set in, fitted sleeves. I got the rest of the directions in toe, but they just say “set in sleeves”…

everything fits everything (ie back piece to front piece) to my knowledge, but my row gauge was off so my sweater sleeves will be longer than I wanted…that’s it though, so I don’t think I HAVE to block them.

If you’re happy with the look and fit, I wouldn’t bother to block.

I don’t have any secrets for set in sleeves, per se. I tend to do all my sleeves the same way, and most of them are dropped sleeves or knit in.

When I attach any sleeve, I use short lengths of yarn to tie corresponding sides together. First the ends to the underarms, then the top and then usually half way down the sides. I then use the closest to mattress stitch that I can manage–picking up a bar from the body of the sweater and a stitch from the sleeve. If I need a little ease, I might pick up one, or three, parts of the sleeve, or two bars from the body–whatever it takes to make a smooth seam.

I :inlove: the mattress st, so I shall try this…

Another Q:

The pattern isn’t very clear on the finishing instructions, so I’m a little confused again… it said “join shoulder seams” which I guess is the part that sits on the shoulders, but also…

It says

Left Front Band: With RS facing, using smaller needles and matching yarn colors, pick up and knit 52 sts evenly spaced along edge, K1 row, BO loosely and k-wise

That’s clear as day, except I don’t know where to pick up and knit these sts, and I don’t know what the band is for? Side seaming? I have to do it to the RS too.

Usually the band is the strip down the front of a cardigan.

is that where I’d attach the zipper?

Yes, you’re adding a place to put on the zipper.

thanks so much for clearing this up Ingrid! One more thing tho, it says to K one row after picking up sts, do both sides have to match st wise ? or does it not matter because the zipper’s gonna be there anyway?

What do you mean by match? If you mean both knit or both purl, I’d match them. This could be the part that shows at the sides of the zipper. I don’t have this magazine, but look at the picture and see what the front of the pattern looks like. Also check the directions to see where you are supposed to sew the zipper in. It might help you decide what you should do.

yea, that’s what I meant. The only picture I have to go by right now is the picture right]

on that page about in the middle. The zipper’s kinda hidden, and I haven’t sewn a zipper in before either. :shock: It sucks that I’ve been so confused with this darn thing!

OK, the edges that you knit are going to be in front of the teeth of the zipper, so you want them to look as much alike as you can get them.

Here’s where my expertise ends. The last time I knit a sweater that needed a zipper was for an infant–great idea, a zip-up-the-back sweater. The sweater was knit up in a day, I went out a bought a zipper. The child is a year and a half old.

I still haven’t put the zipper in. :rollseyes:

oh ok, that makes sense, I thought so too. Thanks SOOO much for your help Ingrid! I’ll take a shot at the zipper, I’m pretty sure I’m going to use normal thread to do that, I know I don’t NEED it, so I’m going to add the zipper last (that’s what it says to do anyway :slight_smile:

I hope this is my last question, when it says “pick up and k” does that just mean to pick up the stitches, or to pick up the stitches, then knit them across for one row?

The ‘pick up’ part is putting your needle in a stitch. The ‘knit’ part is pulling the yarn through. So when you 'pick up and knit, it’s just getting stitches on the needle through the side.

okay, whew, thanks again! You save the day!