Finishing Sweater

I’m making a sweater for the first time and I want to just clarify a few things for the sweater, so that it turns out perfectly.

The pattern states that I have to use an edge-to-edge stitch for the ribs and a back stitch for everything else. I know how to do the back stitch, but I’m not sure what the edge-to-edge is.

Second question is in relation to the sleeves. Here’s what the pattern says:
Set-in sleeves: Set in sleeve easing sleeve head into arm hole using back stitch,
Square set-in sleeve: Set in sleeve head into armhole, the straight sides at top of sleeve to form a neat right-angle to cast off sts at armhole on back and front using back stitch.
Shallow set-in sleeves: Join cast-off sts at beg of armhole shaping to cast –off sts at start of sleeve-head shaping. Sew sleeve-head into armhole, easing in shapings.”

What does it mean to “set in” the sleeves? What is the difference between a square and shallow set in?

Please post a link to the pattern if you have it and the pattern name. It makes answering questions easier since there are thousands of patterns.

Yes, a pattern link is very helpful.
Maybe this pattern?,d.eXY
Edge to edge probably means to use something like the mattress stitch to join the ribbing at the fronts and back. You can use a mattress stitch here for a neat edge.

A set in sleeve is the usual way sleeves are attached to the fronts and back in sewing

The pattern gives you different ways to do the set in sleeve starting at the bottom of the circle or at the top. I usually start at the beginning of the cast off on the sleeves and body and then ease the sleeve into the opening (shallow set in) if I use this kind of sleeve seam. You can pin the sleeve in place first to see which method you like.
I find that in knitting it’s easier to leave the side seam open, join the sleeve and then stitch the long seam of sleeve and side as one.


Thanks. Same finishing instructions so reply above applies