Finishing sweater - neck and finishing

This is my first sweater and I have completed the back, front, and sleeves. But am having troubles understanding the following instructions:

Sew shoulder seam.
Collar: With right side facing and smaller circular needle, join at right shoulder and pick up and knit 23 sts across Back neck, 10 (12, 14) sts down left front neck edge, 17 sts from Front neck stitch holder and 10 (12, 14) sts up right neck edge – 60 (64, 68) sts.
Join to work in the round, place marker for beginning of round. Knit until Collar measures 2”. Bind off. Measure and mark 4½ (5, 6)” down from shoulders on Front and Back. Sew top of Sleeve between markers. Sew side and Sleeve seams. Weave in ends.

It says to sew shoulder seam. Which one? and then I am completely lost on the instructions after that. Would love some help. The pattern is found here: Red Heart Simple Baby Pullover | Yarnspirations

Sew both shoulder seams so that you can pick up sts around the collar in the round. You’ll need to do this with a 16inch circular or two circular needles.
This video starts at the left shoulder but you should follow your pattern instructions. Start at the right shoulder (right as you would wear the sweater). You should have sts on the front holder so you won’t have to pick up sts there.

They made it hard but I finally found it on Ravelry to try for a better look at photos. Pretty-n-Pink Baby Pullover/Simple Baby Pullover Looking at photos I think the singular seam should be seams meaning both should be sewn. (IMO the best way to do this is to keep the stitches live and use a 3 needle bind off but you probably already finished binding them off. Next time you might want to ask about how this is done.)

If you don’t know how to pick up stitches on a finished edge this video might help. How to knit: Picking up Stitches Pick up the number of stitches specified for your size as indicated in the pattern. You’ll need to move the held stitches to a needle to work across them when you get to them and then pick up the remaining stitches needed.

HTH but I know someone can explain things better than I did.

ETA I see salmonmac posted while I was trying to provide a reply. I’m sure you won’t need mine now.

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It’s all good, GG. Thanks for the links.

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Thanks everybody. Really really helpful. Making sense now.


Hadn’t heard about 3 needle bind off. I think I’d like that. Always learning something new here. Thanks!

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I just watched a video on the 3 needle bind off. That looks so much easier than sewing the two pieces together. Thanks for the tip.


You, and others, are welcome. Sometimes the most useful things I’ve learned were gems hidden in discussion about something sort of, but not exactly, related to my question. I it like when I’m offered something for future consideration.

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One last question. It says to pick up and knit 23 stitches across the back of the neck. But on the back of neck I only have 17 stitches left available. The back is 49 stitches and then the shoulders once attached use 16 stitches on both sides. How is it that I will be picking up more stitches than those that are available. Am I picking up and knitting a few stitches on either side from the shoulders? Thanks and sorry to be such a bother.
And thanks for all the helpful hints and links to videos. I have reviewed a lot of videos and have now figured out how the neck/collar works, the shoulders, and the sleeves. Just this last one question - I promise LOL

You can pick up sts in the V of the last row before the bind off and in several places, pick up an extra stitch between the Vs. You just don’t want to pick up too tightly. This pullover has a wide neck but you don’t want to narrow it too much so that it’s difficult to pull over a baby’s head. That just annoys the baby no end.
An alternative is to pick up one stitch for every V in the last row and then increase across the back on the following row to make the stitch count up to 23. I never get too compulsive about the stitch count as long as it works with the stitch pattern of the collar. Since this is a rolled collar in stockinette, that’s not going to matter.

Thank you very helpful as usual. And I can imagine it would not only annoy the baby - but also the mother of said baby. Have a great day!

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