Finishing off the top of a hat-or an I-cord question

You know how you get to the point where there’s only a few stitches left on your dpn’s, on the crown of a hat; or when you get to the point where you’re ready to finish off an I-cord?

The pattern instructions will tell you to break the yarn, thread it through a darning needle, then slip the remaining stitches onto the darning needle.

I’ve done this many, many times, but never knew if I was doing it right. Does it make any difference which end of the stitches you begin with, to slip them onto the needle? I mean, do you slip the needle into the stitches starting at the end where the working yarn is, or do you go to the other end, or does it even matter? :thinking:

I don’t think it really matters. :thinking: I’ve done it both ways, but don’t recall seeing a difference.

Okay, good. That’s what I need to know. Thanks, Ingrid! :smiley: