Finishing neck treatment

I’m almost finished with my first 2T baby cardigan. It has turned out fabulous so far, but I don’t like the way the pattern tells me to finish the neck. However, the directions do say to use whatever neck treatment that I want, and I know basically what I want to do, but I’m not having any luck finding neck finishing treatments online. Can someone help with a useful reference?

It depends on what it is you want to do. Can you link to an example or explain it?

I think I’ve figured out how to get the neck line that I’m picturing. I tried one option last night and it looked great but was too tight and it rolled. So, I’m going to try something else and I will let everyone know if it works and how to do it.:knitting:

Here’s something that may work well for binding off the neck. This is Jenny’s surprisingly stretchy magic cast off. I use this one a lot to bind off toe up socks. It will stretch a lot for your child to get it over his head easily.