Finishing my mitten thumb

hi everyone - i’m attempting to finish my first mitten. the instructions say:

k2tog 5 times. cut yarn, leaving tail. with tapestry needle, thread yarn through remaining thumb stitches and pull tightly, fasten. set the inside thumb seam. secure and weave in end.

i get everything but the end. how should i “fasten” the yarn? how to “secure”? i have a feeling they don’t mean paper clips and tacky glue, which were my first guesses. :??

thanks for any input!


:teehee: paperclips. that would be my guess too!

Actually, when you pull the yarn through the remaining stitches, I then loop it back around tthrough the last stitch and kind of tug to close it like a drawstring bag. Then I knot it on the inside of the thumg.

That’s my tip … :happydance:

thanks binky! i see exactly what you’re saying.

i like your picture! being from south dakota originally i can relate!

:hug: Yep, everybody here’s put their tongue on something metal!
Although lately, it’s been almost tropical. What very little snow we have is almost gone…it’s been in the 30’s…a very brown Christmas. I need to finish my mittens I started in August…I was on a jag to make a set for myself for winter and haven’t sewn them up! GAh!