Finishing my First Mittens; How to Fasten the Yarn?

Good evening!

I am on the verge of completing my first pair of mittens, and I have a quick question about how to finish them. For both for the hand and the thumb in this pattern I need to thread the yarn through the last stitches. I have already done this for the hand (and I hope to be done with the thumb by the end of American Idol tonight!).

The problem is that I can’t seem to secure the yarn nicely and there is a little hole at the top where the yarn through final stitches loosens and lets them drift apart from each other. Do any of you have suggestions? :thinking:

Thanks in advance for letting me pick your collective brains. I am so excited to have found such a cool web site!


I pull my yarn tight and then pass the needle down through the little hole and sew it in around the inside. It tends to stay shut then.

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