Finishing my first hat - Help please

I am a novice knitter and this is the first hat I’ve done. I am using straight needles and the pattern is Sirdar 3100.

I have managed to finished the last row in the pattern and there are 6 stitches on the needle. It then says “to break off yarn, then run yarn through rem sts, draw up then fasten”

How much yarn should I leave and what exactly does this mean? What do I fasten? etc. I also assume I don’t have to bind off??

How do I then go about sewing the hat together? ( I’ve never done that before) Do I use the weaving stitch?

All help would be appreciated



Arrggghh! I had a whole reply that disappeared when the forum freaked out. :doh: So here we go again…

Cut the yarn about 6-8 inches or so and thread it through a yarn needle (blunt tip). Slip the needle through the stitches on the needle and remove the needle. Now cinch the yarn up and then slip it through the stitches again and weave in the end. Here’s a tutorial on weaving in ends.

You’ll need to seam the side of the hat now. Here’s a tutorial on seaming.

You might want a tail about 12 inches or so to leave enough for seaming. But yeah, thread the tail through the sts on the needle like a drawstring, I usually do it twice, then use the rest of it for the seam.

What Jan and Sue said about the top. It’s like tying up the drawstring on a laundry bag.

As for sewing the seam, use the mattress stitch. (There’s a video here showing how to do it.) Next time you make a hat, do it in the round on a circular needle and you won’t have to bother with the seam. Once you’ve knit the cylinder and tied off the top, you’re done.

Good idea, Sue. Cutting the tail longer is a good idea so you can seam immediately after the top. :thumbsup:

:slight_smile: I would like to thank everyone for your help. I found it invaluable.