Finishing collar on raglan sweater

i am working with size 50 needles and three strands of wool on a raglan sweater. i am at the end of the front of the sweater working towards the collar and shoulder seam. the pattern calls to leave the center 6 stitches on a stitch holder and work the remaining two sides of the stitch holder evenly attaching new yarn to the left side of the holder. HELP! cathy

You’re separating the front so the neck won’t go straight across.

Work the first stitches and leave the yarn hanging. Put the center stitches on the holder, and then knit the rest of the row with new strands of yarn. Just leave the end hanging–you’ll have to weave them in later. Often you can do the first stitch or two with both ends of the yarn, but it wouldn’t work with 3 strands together.

Now you have working yarn on each side, and can work the two halves at the same time.

You do the both sides together at the same time, Keeping both sets of St’s on the same needle.
Work across first side with yarn attached, now pick up a new ball of yarn, and start working the second side with the new ball. just hook the yarn over the needle to knit the first st as normal, then across to end. You will have a small tail which can be sewn in later. It is easiest to do both at once, to keep the shaping etc matching each side.