Finishing a Hat

I’m trying to finish off the ‘Cecily Beanie’ from knitting
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and I’ve got to the end after all the decreases (this hat is knit flat) and now the pattern says

“Break yarn, leaving a 12” (30.5 cm) tail. Thread tail through rem sts, pull tight to gather sts, and fasten off inside.
With MC threaded on a tapestry needle and beg at gathered top, sew seam using mattress stitch or backstitch (see box), reversing seam for lower 3⁄4" (2 cm) for rolled brim"

I am confused because it doesn’t tell me anywhere to cast off! Do I cast off before or after the gathering?
I am not familiar with this technique of gathering and then ‘fastening off inside’


You don’t cast off. Cut the yarn to 12" and put it on a yarn needle. Thread that through the remaining stitches and take the needles out and snug it up to gather top.

They have you weaving in the ends then re-threading needle with main color to seam down to the brim. Then do the brim separately on the back so when it’s folded it looks pretty.

Yes, as Jan said just thread through the sts on the needle. I then go through another st or 2 and tie a knit to secure the end and use the same yarn and needle to seam the hat without breaking the yarn. This is done with the idea in mind that the fewer ends the better.

I’d probably do that as well. The only thing you might want to do is seam the cuff on the other side because it’ll show. If it looks fine as is then don’t worry about it.

Thank you both! I’ve finished it now, although not happy with it
:frowning: seems a very odd shape! but thanks anyway!

Well, a very odd shape isn’t so good. It should look like the picture, a kind of bowl shape, with a somewhat flattened top. Drawing the last row of sts together tightly should close the top very neatly. it may help to block it into more of the shape you want.