Finishing a crew neck

Howdy, I want to finish a drop shoulder jumper (sweater) with a DOUBLE thickness crew neck. I’ve knitted it (in the round) but not sure how to double it over and attach it back to itself…:knitting: (Great site)

Usually that type of collar is knit twice as tall as it’s gonna be when folded over…
and you fold it over to the inside and whipstitch it into place along the seam where it was picked up.

VERY IMPORTANT to bind off loosely! If I were knitting the crew neck ribbing with a US8…I would use at US10 or US11 in the right hand (needle) for the binding off.

Thanks Artlady, you are a marvel! I was thinking about folding it over and using a crochet hook to pull thread through the top stich (still on the needle) and the corresponding bottom stitch on the crew neck… do you think this would work? (my knitting sewing is not the best!)

Slip stitching the sts, yep, that’d work fine. Just be sure to keep it loose so it doesn’t bunch up.

Yes sure, that would work fine, too! Suzeeq is right!
Do it loose so that it doesn’t pucker or bunch up!