Finishing a bag to be felted


I had a question about a bag that I’m going to felt. I’m all done with it…it’s off the needles. Do I weave in the end before I felt it? Or can I just leave a little bit of a tail, and then cut it after it’s felted?

I’ve never felted before, so I’m just wondering the best way to finish this up! Thanks!!

I usually weave in a little so that it doesn’t get loose spots while it’s in the washer getting agitated. You can cut any little ends that are left after felting though!

I was about to post the same question…so I will chose another…what laundry soap are you going to use as detergent is not recommended. Thanks.

I always put just a touch (like 1/2 tsp) of regular old detergent in with the felting. You really don’t have to put any though if you don’t want to…it’ll still work without it.

I use an inexpensive shampoo when doing the felting. I also picked up a mesh laundry bag from the dollar store and place the hand bag inside to wash it in the hot water of the small load setting on my washing machine.

I am ashamed to say I just dribble in a bit of regular laundry soap, and I use a pillowcase with a ponytail holder.

If I have a strap to be felted at the same time, I put it in a zippered mesh bag, and stick than in the pillowcase, too.


Diane thank you for the two unique links. They are really interesting. :cheering: and very pretty. A wonderful way to use up the left over yarns from projects. Thanks for sharing.