Finished toys

I finally figured out how to put my toy elephant together. Gave him as a gift. He and the doll I knit next with her four piece outfit were big hits with baby and big 2 year old sister. If someone will remind me how to make a photo smaller I will add pictures of these cute toys.

A lot of people like to use this for resizing

I can’t wait to see the pictures! The elephant and doll sound so cute!

Okay lets see if I was able to make it smaller with this site you sent me and thank you for this great tip.

I think I did it. Lets see if it’s small enough. The patterns btw are from a book called Toys To Knit by Tracy Chapman.

The little girl I gave it too enjoyed undressing and dressing the doll and named it her own name! So cute and so satisfying for me. Now i will make two more for my twin grandchildren aged 2yr 4 months old now.
A boy doll in sailor outft and a girl doll clothes to be decided. For my little grand dolls! :hug:

Aviva’s doll’s outfit includes white under pants, skirt, sleeveless v neck shell and jacket! I couldn’t figure out the shoes pattern but will keep trying!

Those are adorable!

those are so cute! :heart:

Thank you for your words of appreciation for my work!
I eat it up!
Encourages me to do more.
Hugs to you. :muah:

Those are just too sweet! I had that book checked out from the library not too long ago, there were so many cute things in there.

I saw another book at Hancock’s in the sewing section on doll making. They had some interesting ways of using needle and thread to make features on faces and then painting them that were very clever and attractive. Sorry I didn’t take the name of the book. Might go find it again, might even buy it. This practice could be done on a knitted head I do believe for more expressive doll faces.

Thanks again for more appreicative comments.

Excellent job!