Finished Socks are hard to get on


I’ve now knit two pair of socks using the two at once, toe up, magic loop method.

The first pair fit pretty good, except that they were a little tight to get up my leg. I have a long, narrow foot, so I figured on the next pair I’d need to increase a little a couple of inches past the heel turn, and again when I’m close to starting the ribbing.

So, that’s what I did on my second pair, and the legs fit better.

However, they are quite difficult to get on - pulling the leg part of my socks over my heels and ankle. Getting them off is a challenge too! :slight_smile:

Once they’re on though, they feel wonderful!

I’m now starting a pair for my husband. I would appreciate some advice on how/where to adjust the stitch count on the socks so that he can get the sock legs over the heels and ankles a little easier. (I don’t think he’ll be as tolerant of the struggle as I am!)


It may be that you need to increase the leg with a few more stitches or that you need to do a stretchier stitch for the leg. More of perhaps a rib stitch would give you the needed stretch without being too loose when you wear the socks. You could experiment with k1p1 or k2p2 rib (or any ratio) to see which is more comfortable. Also, a washable wool or a blend with wool will be more springy than an acrylic (if that’s what you’re using).

Is the problem in the leg itself or is the heel part of the sock hard to get on and off? What heel did you use? A short row heel without a gusset can be too snug. For my own socks I always do a gusset for a high instep and it fits nicely, easy on, easy off. This pattern has a nice gusseted heel and so does this one The Fleegle heel is probably easier if you’re new to knitting socks.