Finished Silver's socks and question

I finally finished my first attempt at Silver’s socks. Not too shabby considering I taught myself to knit from a book this January and this is only the second thing I’ve ever made (the first being a K2P2 ribbed hat). The first sock I knit almost entirely on the airplane to and from our vacation in San Antonio. The only real problem I had is not quite being sure if I was knitting through the right parts of the stitches in the picking up and knitting part, but it worked out so I guess it’s ok.

My question is about the way the pattern of the yarn worked out. I used Lion Cotton, worsted weight in Denim Swirl. I thought it was going to make stripes and you can see in the ribbing it did. But when I got to the main part of the gusset and started the knitting all around on the 3 needles, the pattern stopped striping. It just sort of puddled. To top it off, I have a big block of blue on the top of one sock and on the bottom of the other. I guess I should have payed attention to where I started the first sock so I could have started in the same place on the yarn in the second sock.

When you buy varigated color yarn, how do you know, or how do you get it to stripe all the way around the sock?

They look GREAT! Other than making sure you start at the same place in the yarn’s variegation, Im not sure you can control that completely…
BUT, the part of your socks that will SHOW the most often look VERY much the same! I like the little differences…makes them unusual and speaks to the hand-knittedness of them!

yah i think they look very cool cuz they look like they are sort of the opposites on the bottom part. dark on the top on one foot and on the bottom of the other…i like it!

They may not be identical, but they’re fraternal, and that’s ok too!

I think that it’s an extremely wonderful accomplishment that your 2nd project was a pair of socks!! :cheering: :cheering: Nice job!!
In self striping yarns/variegated, etc; several knitters have told me that they always make sure that they start in the same place on the yarn pattern with each sock…shoot…I’ve never even given it a thought…I just knit and go and love the outcome :wink:

I don’t know…it seems like some yarns are better at holding their patterns than others. I’m not sure there is any way to predict it.

They look great though! Hope the pooling doesn’t bother you too much.

They look great!!! They’re at least sisters if not twins. I’m so happy that my tutorial helped you!

Some brands of self striping yarn are better than others, but with all of them, you should stick to their recommended gauge to get the intended pattern (or as close to it as possible).

Wow, those look fantastic! You should be very proud!! :cheering:

Those are perfect! Great job!

They look AWESOME, WL!!! Great job! Sorry, I can’t help with your question though, but I do have the same problem! My socks never look like the display socks for the yarn does either.