Finished Nantucket Brocade Sweater!

:woot: :woot: :woot:


How beautiful! Good for you for picking it up again and finishing all the sewing. Enjoy every minute of wearing it and all the compliments.

man, you GO, girl!

where will you wear it first?

So beautiful! Such neat work! I’m sure you’re gonna love wearing it

Tamar thank you so much! Yes, I was thrilled to finally finish it. The best part is that it fits me! Yeah! Makes me feel good since it was in a plastic container for almost 10 years!

Now, if I could only get through my next project without dropping a stitch, life would be good…and I thought knitting was “relaxing”…NOT!:wall:

Thanks knitonepurrtwo! I’m really glad that it fits. I thought because it was a pure cotton it would be cool for the summer but not so. I think I’ll wait till the weather cools down a bit…maybe september/october with a pair of jeans!:happydance: