Finished my first bootie......need help sewing

Hi all,

I am a newcomer for the Knitting world. This site is very helpful for new comers. I learnt the basic stiches through the videos.

I just now finished a bootie of the following pattern

I have finished all the steps till

"Cut yarn, leaving end long enough to sew down the back and sole of the bootie. "

My question is:

How do I sew the edges? Do I need to use a needle and sew? If so, I do not know how to sew. Please help me.

Thanks in advance.


First …Congratulations. on finishing your first booty :smiley: :smiley:

You will need a wide eyed sewing needle (to make threading the yarn easy)

Where you finished your last stitch after binding off you will have a nice long thread.
Thread this yarn onto sewing needle and face the right sides of the bootie together and stitch together to form a soft seam. JUst a simple back stitch should do the trick.

Hope this helps

If you scroll down to the end of this page you will find a video on mattress seaming :wink:
Congrats on knitting your 1st bootie :smiley:

Thanks Pam and Rebecca. It really helps. I will try out this today.