Fingerless gloves

These are the result of the help I had with the pattern last weekend. thank you so much!! My friend with MS is always cold and she will love them!! (Pattern from LYS, Berocco Comfort DK yarn-2 circular needles)

very pretty! i love the color!

I’m sure she is going to ADORE THEM!!! i have them same cold hand issue. i am going to have to make myself a pair. :yay: :yay: :yay:

They’re beautiful! Great pattern, and the color is lovely. Such a thoughtful gift.

They are really pretty, and what a nice gift!


:happydance: very pretty and a great color!!

Very nice x

Ooo pretty pattern!!!

That’s a fabulous pattern. :slight_smile:

Great job! I love the stitches in the cuffs. What is it called?

Love the pattern. You did a great job. She will love them.:knitting:

It’s a series of knits and yarn-overs. It wasn’t hard!!

Very nice. So feminine looking. Are those beads?

They turned out beautiful!! I love that pattern too!

Very pretty!

The color is wonderful, and the pattern looks like it was fun.

My DH has MS, he’s always HOT! What a weird disease.