Fingerless glove help

my grandma is trying to knit this “engagement mitt”, and for the thumb part of this sort of fingerless glove they want her to knit on waste yarn. she only has 1 good hand and doesnt think shell be able to do it. is there another way to make a thumb on a fingerless glove than that waste method? shes using double pointed needles thanks appreciate the help

It’s this kind of thumb in the pattern in case this helps:

Your grandmother could also leave out the thumb gusset and knit the stitches onto waste yarn then go back to pick them up like this:

It’s also possible to leave out the thumb shape entirely and just use a slit for the thumb. Knit in the round to the thumb then knit back and forth for the length needed. Join to knit in the round again.
The thumb opening can also be knit in the round by treating it like a buttonhole, casting off on one round and casting on sts over the bind off on the next round.

thanks alot

my grandmas wondering if theres a video of that last paragraph , thanks

Here’s a video for the buttonhole method:

The thumb comes at about the 10:20 minute point.

thanks a million