Fingerless glove bind off help!

I’m pretty new to knitting but I found this easy pattern online for fingerless gloves. I’m altering it to fit my boyfriend’s hands so I am making it longer and wider. I tried casting on 32 stitches instead of 25 but that was too small. So then I tried 40 which is ok, but too loose around the wrist. 32 stitches seemed ok once it was on my hand, but the bind-off wasn’t stretchy so it was hard to get on. I also notice that when I lay the glove flat, it seems the top is tight and the bottom just hangs loose. I’ve tried a knit cast off, rib cast off and a combination of both. Any suggestions to get the wrist looking right? Pictures won’t upload :frowning:

I just used this bind off recently and it is excellent. Bind off in pattern; knit the knit stitches and purl the purl stitches.

Extra Stretchy No Flare Bind Off

I llike that bind off, too. It’s easy to do in any rib and it puts enough extra yarn into the bind off to give you stretch.
I also love the tubular bind off which is stretchy and looks fantastic but is more time consuming, at least for me.
Here’s a link that will help with photos.

I just used this BO. It worked great this time. I’d tried it before and wasn’t getting it right and ripped it out. This time I got it right! It looks good and has just enough extra yarn in the BO to give it the right amount of stretch. It’s easier IMO than the Surprisingly Stretchy BO and looks much, much better. :woot:

Thanks everyone! I’ll try that. I think I might also try switching to a smaller needle size for the last few rows so it will be tighter but still stretchy.

Generally speaking, I go down 2 needle sizes for ribbing if I’m working stockinette or garter stitch. It works for me. YMMV

Well, going down to smaller needles helped. But the “extra stretchy no flare bind off” wasn’t quite stretchy enough. Still found it difficult to get my hand into the glove. My next experiment will be using a larger needle size just for the bind-off and I’ll try the “Jeny’s surprisingly stretchy bind-off” if it’s still not stretchy enough, I’m going to brave the “tubular bind off”.

“I’m pretty new to knitting” makes me think that going to a larger needle is a good idea. Depending on what I’m binding off I will still go up a needle size, I used to go up about 2 sizes. With the no flare BO I didn’t use a larger needle; if I’m doing a BO in rib but it isn’t something I need to worry too much about stretch with I’ll just go up a size and do a normal in-pattern BO. Finding the right combination of things to get the BO just right can be tricky and definitely highly individual.

Jeny’s bind off or the larger needle will probably do it but the tubular bind off is so pretty, don’t put off trying it. Even if you just work it on a swatch, it’s worth seeing it for yourself. I’ve started using it fairly recently and love the look. (I will say, it helps to be alone with no distractions.)

My pattern recommends tubular bind-off for my mitts and, I agree, it looks perfect. However, my pattern leaves me starting with a purl stitch, not a knit stitch. How do I resolve this? Thanks.

Are you binding off in the round? If so, I would purl the purl and start the bind off with the next knit stitch.

I am using the magic loop method.

This worked! It doesn’t look too bad for my first invisible bind off! Thank you!