Finger Sock with Wrist Band

I’m hoping there might actually be a pattern for this, but if not I would like some nods of approval of how this could be made.

Dave, a friend’s husband at my son’s school, has an old injury that has left permanent nerve damage and a loss of circulation in his ring finger. In the winter - think of a long cold northern winter - his finger turns purple even while wearing mittens. He would like some extra warmth for that finger and he has asked me to knit this object for him.

I am under the impression that this type of item has been made before. He got the idea from some guy at work whose dad had one and my grandma knew about them as well.

The construction, I’ve been told, is a finger sock with two chains that go down the back of the hand and are attached to a wrist band.

Are there patterns out there that fit this description?

If not, I have two ideas for making this. The first is to knit a finger puppet and then knit the wrist band separately. Attach with an i-cord or a crochet chain. My second idea is to knit a finger puppet and partially bind off. Continue knitting a strip along the back of the hand and then cast on the extra stitches to make the wrist band.

Which idea seems better?

Thanks kindly for the help.

I vote for the second idea as I hate seaming, picking up stitches, or any other method of attaching knitting.

What about making an i-cord finger. I have this bookmarked where she uses i-cords for the fingers of gloves. Just attach a crochet chain or ribbon to it if you need that. :think:

Another site -

Nona?! I <3 Nona. Thanks for the links and the suggestions. I’m hoping to have this ready by the end of the weekend.