Finding the end of the yarn

i have a sort of gripe/question. why can’t yarn manufacturers make it easier to find the end of yarn inside the skein, so you can just pull it out and knit from the center? many of them give ‘instruction’ for this, but when i reach into the skein, i usually pull out a big snarly handful of yarn. i found an old skein of Red Heart wool and it had a small foil heart stuckto the end of the yarn in the center of the skein, which made it super-easy to find. might other companies take the hint to make this yarn end easier to find? Feel much better for having vented!! linknit41

When I crocheted, I used RH all the time and it was SO easy. Some manufacturers seem to want to hide the end. And many a tangled mess I have made.

Good luck!

I have to say that Lamb’s Pride leaves the yarn end out in plain sight. I’ve never ended up with a tangled mess from my Lamb’s Pride yarns.


Who sells lamb’s pride? I’ve never seen it and have only heard of it from folks on this message board…

Agreed! And I really like the yarn.

Arg- I know! I hate this. Today I pulled out a HUGE handful of yarn vomit from a skein of Lana Grossa sock yarn. I had to untangle the whole thing before I could find the end. It would be lovely if they had something on the end to show you where it is, but until all yarn is made like this, I’ll be pulling out yarn vomit with the rest of you!

I call them “Monday or Friday” skeins, somebody in the “leave the end out” dept. having a rough start at the beginning of the week or was in too big a hurry to leave on Friday. I hate it, too!

Just chalk it up to one of the few negative tasks of knitting like fighting with the cat over yarn property rights. :roll:

What makes me mad is the rare time I reach in and actually find the end only to have it tangle up anyway.

I just reach in and pull out a bunch of yarn vomit. The end will be in there someplace. I don’t mind really as I’m just going to knit that up anyway.

Does that make you knit faster too? I always have to get rid of that excess so I knit really fast and don’t stop until I’m down to the yarn that’s still in the skein. Maybe it’s just me. I’m a little OCD about things like that :aww:.


When did you take this picture of me???