Finding the end of a hank of yarn

I got some yarn in the mail today I ordered from Unfortunatly I do not understand how to find the beginning of the hank with it being twisted like that. Can anyone tell me the trick to finding where the starting point it? Thank you

You can’t knit from that kind of hank unless you want a big knotted mess. You will need to wind it into a ball either by hand or using a ball winder. You can either have someone hold it in a loop or use the back of a chair or something.

The video for a center pull ball is toward the bottom of this page. I use this technique a lot and it works great!

does it have an end or do i need to cut one ? just wondering before i start to make a mess lol.

It will have an end. Usually the ends of a hank are tied together. If you cut where the hank is secured, you should come up with both ends.

What Ingrid said… and maybe it’s under the tag?

First you have to undo the twisty thing, the end of the twist is tucked into the end of the “hank” which I think is what the twisty thing is called … then you will have a big round circle of yarn …that’s when you will be able to see the ends … it will be tied with a separate piece of yarn in several places … usually the two ends are tied together. (like Ingrid said) Once you undo it and have your “circle” you will probably see the ends without any problem :slight_smile:

You choose a BEAUTIFUL color! What are you making ?

I am making the Candleflame shawl from the pattern posted on for my aunt for Christmas. This is the 1st time I have EVER used nice nice yarn and dang was I confused when it got to me. Last night I started working on rolling up a ball but what a tangled mess I made. Since last night I have put it to the side until I am not too stressed to start untangling it again. Its my own fault because I was messing with it before I made this post trying to figure out where the ends were. But I am sure after a little more wrestling with it today I will get the whole thing untangled and should be able to roll the next hank with ease. I get too anxious when I get new things and have to touch everything lol. But like my husband said, “I’ll learn from that mistake”. Plus I figure he can help me roll my other 2 hanks later.

Thank you guys for the advice !! It totally made sense once I started looking at it. :thumbsup:

I just need to learn to be patient before I start messing with things lol !

I can totally relate, Spooky! The first time I got a hank, I thought it would be easy to roll it into a ball. Over an hour later, I was still untangling the mess… Now I use the back of a chair and the center pull ball technique and it only takes me a few minutes.

O.K. it took me about 10 hours (give or take) to unravel my mess. My husband told me to cut the middle of the knots but I refused to give up and got my mess wound into a ball. I have 2 more hanks to do !!!

Before I start on them I am going to ask questions because I totally don’t want to do that again.

I do not have a “chair-back” that would work for winding a ball. Can I flip a chair over and use the legs?

When I use the chair … is the hank going to give me any problems?
I’m asking this so I can expect it lol.

Thanks a bunch !!! :wink:

I don’t see why using the legs of a chair wouldn’t work… it makes sense to me! The only problems I’ve ever had with winding balls is when the yarn tends to stick to itself… I had a hank of mohair that developed a life of its own!!! If the yarn is “sticky”, I would just go a bit slower and keep my eyes on where the yarn is coming from and what it is trying to do.

Or if hubby is around, have him put the skein on his hands. This way he can add any tension if there’s a ‘sticky’ spot.

I’m so glad you asked this question! I have my first hank of yarn and bought the ball winder (–on sale plus 50% off coupon, woohoo!), but had no idea how to start the hank.

Thank you to all you gals who donate your time and knowledge to answer questions for us. :thumbsup:

Since I do mst of my Knitting in the car, I actually use my Stearing wheel to hold the Hank, its not as good as a Kid, but I just follow the Yarn, and wind a CPB on my thumb
kids are SO used to seeign this at the end of the school day
one boy told my Daugfhter th world was ending becasue I was not right at the front of the line and knitting that day

Made her laugh, he tends to be who she knits for