Finding Purse Handles

I’ve googled & froogled for purse handles, handbag handles, wooden handles, etc. and come up with a couple of vendors, none of which I am familiar with. Anybody have a good source for these beside the sale rack at Wal-mart? :lol:

Here’re the ones I’ve found:

and I did order a couple of the wooden ones from ejoyce, it seems like a reputable site, but you never know…

I’m looking for the wooden ring kind of handle a’la the famous margaret nicole version. Wish DH was good with wood, it seems like you could make these with a router and some good sanding if one were so inclined :thinking:

did you try Joann’s? mine has purse handles and they probably have some on their website too also known as Webs, has purse handles.

the ones at joann’s seem cheap - i always see them broken in the package and think if the y break in the package, how sturdy could they really be?

:shock: well if that is the case then don’t buy them there!

I saw a beautiful purse the other day in a bead store…hand knitted with hand-made beaded handles. That might be an option.


I don’t know if you have a Hobby Lobby by you. But they have an aisle dedicated to purse making at my local store. I wish you could buy online from them.

Our hancock fabrics has a good selection. DO YOU HAVE A PATTERN??? I have looked and looked for a pattern. I have several sets of really nice handles I got on sale … but no pattern. There is one on the Lion Brand site but that is the only one I have found … and as you say I have “googled & froogled” !

I get mine from the second hand store. I use the older macrame hoops that were in all those plant holders and such, Sometimes I find some of the neat acrylic ones also. I got 2 patterns for purses from bernat site. I think, they were a free leaflet.

I should have mentioned, I’ve looked at JoAnne’s, Michaels, Wal-mart, & Hobby Lobby. They do have purse handles, but I agree, they just don’t exude “quality.” If you look at the Margaret Nicole bangle bags, they use a flat wooden handle that’s quite different from the standard ones at the craft stores. The ones at ejoyce and mjtrim look veeeeery similar…

I didn’t find the handles at first when I looked at Webs (I’m sure it’s just me, but I have a hard time navigating their site): the D shaped one is similar and might make a nice variation on the round shape. For the straight handled purses, I already have some dowel of the right diameter, just need to cut to size, shape the ends, and stain.

As for the pattern, well, I learned it at a class and hesitate to hand out the class notes after the instructor worked hard to come up with a pattern of her own, but there are similar patterns here: (scroll down to the cable purse pattern) and We re-did the cables in our class to make ours look a bit different. Thanks everyone for the input!

I would have to look but my LYS has tortise ones and bamboo and really fancy expensive ones.

There is a yarn store near me that sells lots of purse accessories. Their website is:

Oooh, you live close to Noble Knits! What luxury! I love living out in the sticks most of the time, but it does put a crimp on shopping. Love their Lucite handles: they aren’t the right shape for the Margaret Nicole purse, but I may still order some for a different project :happydance: , thanks!

Yes, I am about 20 minutes away from the PA Noble Knits. The store is small, but they have a TON of really cool yarn. They also sell a lot of cool accessories- like the purse handles, they also have suede purse bottoms.

here’s one that is posted onEsther’s blog

Oh, thanks! That’s a good one too.

Try Noble Knits. They seemed to have some options.

Good luck finding what you need. I’m considering making a tote, and was eyeing the black suede purse handles.