Finding natural undyed yarns

I’ve been in the Cotswolds for a few weeks and will be here until mid December. Does anyone have knitting shop recommendations? I would like to find some local undyed yarns.

These guys apparently have local wool as well as more commercial / widely available brands. Are you from the UK? Apart from niche local shops, the best way to access special yarn is online or a few biggish shops in London.
Blacker yarns, Garthenor, Uist and Border Mill might all have something interesting online?

Thank you so much. I am not from the UK but I am working here for a few weeks (and visiting my granddaughter at Oxford :)). I’m in Shipton Under Wynchwood at the moment, so I’m not that far from Chipping on Norton and I will definitely visit the shop you mentioned! Thank you. I was in Oxford on Sunday but only saw later that there was a yarn store there.

Are you in the UK, then?

Best wishes,

Sherry Phillips

Yes, I live in the UK! There’s a thriving community of online producers and dyers, and several great shops in London (i.e. they stock a wide variety of unusual and quality yarns, and they do a lot of business online) but few bricks and mortar shops in smaller towns can manage that business model as the yarns are too expensive for the casual shopper, and the cheaper mass produced yarns are so often so much cheaper and discounted in the big online providers. A good option is to look out for yarn shows which attract lots of independent producers but it’s a bit late in the year. I generally buy UK yarn online directly from the dyer / spinner. Good shop websites include Tribe yarns, Knit with attitude, Wild and Woolly, Tangled yarn, Yak yarns and A Yarn Story. They have lots of non superwash and unusual yarns all in one place!!