Finding an Old Pattern

Hey everyone. It’s been a long while since I posted on these forums. Been really busy, and put my leg warmers off to the side at the moment.

Anyway, that’s not why I’m posting. I’m looking for an old pattern my grandmother used to make my mom’s afghan. What I know, the afghan is made with Red Heart yarn. The afghan has a purl border, then it’s scallop, cable, scallop, and purl border; and it’s done in three panels. The scallops are done in a way where they look like cables.

My mom used this pattern before, too. However, she doesn’t remember the name of it or have the book that it was in. It looks similar to the Fans and Cables Throw on Red Heart’s website. I’d like to use this pattern to make my mom a new afghan some day since the one my grandmother made has sadly fallen apart. I would ask my grandmother, but she passed when I was only three years old, and I don’t have any of her knitting stuff she had.

I can take pictures of the afghan if need be. I just have to be careful with it because it is falling apart. Thanks in advance if anyone knows this pattern or can find it or whatever. I just would really love to have it or know where I could find it so I can knit it for my mom. :slight_smile:

Knitting Pattern Central has the Red Heart Fans and Cables but also one other and several Feather and Fan afghans. I think it might help to see a picture of just a small part of your grandmother’s afghan so that we can get an idea of the repeat.
Have you contacted Red Heart to ask about the pattern?

Yes, a good picture would help a lot. Maybe one close as well as one a little further away to see th pattern as a whole.

Here are pics of the afghan. I didn’t want to unfold the whole thing because 1) it’s huge and 2) it’s falling apart. Sorry if the images are large.

ETA: I may have been wrong about the purl border. It looks like garter stitch to me. My mom told me it was purl.

Beautiful! I think you could play around with the pattern and re-create it if no one is able to find the original (I couldn’t find it searching for cable and lace afghan). The central cable is flanked by a pattern of ~6 knit sts that decrease on one edge and have yarn overs on the other edge. The division between panels is garter st but it may well have been done with purl every row as your mom said.

What some knitters don’t know is that garter stitch can be done by either knitting all rows or purling all rows. I know one knitter who always does her garter stitch with all purls.

I knit garter as knit rows. Much faster for me. It matters not how you do it, but I think most patterns assume you’re using all knits so if you’re purling keep track of rows or it could mess you up.