finding a yarn equal to Bernat Handicrafter Chunky

HI, Awhile back - could be 2 years I had made some stash baskets from a pattern in a Lily n Cream pattern. Instead of using 2 strands of cotton I was able to get good results from Bernat Handicrafter Chunky. I wrote to Bernat and apparently it has been discontinued and I’m wondering if anyone has had good results from another yarn similar. The tension given was 12 sc /13 rows = 4in. Thank you, I wanted to get ahead on a couple xmas gifts and found this roadblock. Appreciate any feedback!

Have you browsed through any yarn substitution sites? They could give you some handy pointers, if you haven’t already tried that or don’t get a good suggestion here (though I think you likely will!).

Hi and thank you, I have looked at a couple but I don’t think I know about more. I asked at Bernat but they weren’t sure. I assume there would be a section in Ravelry I haven’t checked? Thanks for your input, I appreciate it!

I found this post on Instagram, not sure if this is any help to you? It shows Bernat Handicrafter cotton, and how many strands you could try using to get an equivalent weight to Handicrafter chunky. I’m not sure if you’d want to use multiple strands again but it could work if you wanted to use the same brand, at least.

Edit: not sure if my link to Instagram will work for everyone, but I see other people have been suggesting Bernat softee chunky, too. I’m sure there’ll be a yarn out there that will suit your needs, if you keep digging!

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Hi and thanks for the replies. I was unable to get into the instagram but the reason I was hoping for the Bernat Handicrafter Chunky was because although it was hard to get through with the hook at times, the finished product was quite stiff which was what I needed. I just did a trial using the two strands of Bernat Cotton but it’s not as firm. I would have to use a stiffener which I have never used but may have to try. Thanks again!

For a stiffer crochet fabric you could try a hook one or two sizes smaller. You will need to add stitches to the width and rows to the length based on gauge changes from the smaller hook.

thank you, I did have it pretty tight and it was hard to get it through the hook but might try a different basket with 2 strands of cotton. Not quite what I was hoping but may be ok.

I always hate it when a yarn I love is discontinued. Sometimes none of the alternatives are quite right. I hope you can find a satisfactory solution eventually though!


I know, its so frustrating and does happen more than I like. lol A girl in the knitting store suggested a macrame but I wasn’t sure about it. I think I will take the pattern and the sample I have of what I need and see how close I get.