finding a sub yarn that's not wool

I have a pattern that I’d like to try that calls for Patons Classic Wool Worsted. I don’t knit with wool anymore because everybody I know says it’s itchy. So is there a way to find an acrylic sub yarn for this wool yarn? Or maybe you could tell by seeing the stats on the yarn?

Patons Classic Wool Worsted

Fiber:Wool (100%)
Needles:4.5mm (7 US) (7 UK)
Gauge:20 sts / 10cm (4") and 26 rows
Balls:100g; 192m (210 yds)
Care:Hand wash, Do not iron, Do not tumble dry

Solid colors, Multicolored, Marls, Heathers


That’s pretty. I’ve done mosaic/slip stitch colorwork in Red Heart Super Saver and liked the result. Just about any worsted weight acrylic yarn you like should work just fine.

Personally, I don’t recommend Red Heart Super Saver. It’s the scratchiest acrylic I’ve ever felt even after it’s washed. I can’t even knit with it. There are people who use it though so the best thing to do is go feel it yourself. It’s in stores like Hobby Lobby and Joanne.

That said… Your pattern calls for worsted weight so any worsted weight yarn will most likely work. Look at the gauge/tension listed on the labels. 20 sts over 4" is generally worsted weight and is also labeled with a 4 usually.

I don’t know what stores are near you or your budget, but if possible feel it before you buy. There are very soft acrylics and not so soft acrylics. Red Heart is a good example. Super Saver is not so soft, but Red Heart SOFT is very soft. The best acrylic yarns IMO are blends like cotton/acrylic, bamboo/acrylic, etc. If you’re looking online look for acrylic blends.

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Thank to you both for your help. I was hoping to use something that I already have. ( I have so much sitting around!) I’ll give you a couple of ideas of some I could use.

I have lots of Bernat Super Value in solids and mixed colors
Deborah Norville collection - Everyday soft worsted
Loops and Threads - Impeccable ( this has a thicker look to me than the Deborah Norville but still worsted 4)
TLC Essentials by Red Heart

Anything that says “worsted” should be fine. Worsted weight is appx 18-20 sts per inch. Aran weight is very similar to worsted, but is a little thicker, but generally close enough. For a cowl it’s not extremely critical because if it’s slightly bigger or smaller it doesn’t really matter.

Any of the yarns you’ve named should be fine as they all fall into the Aran/Worsted category. Just make sure you have enough yardage of the one you’ve chosen if this is stash yarn.

Thanks, Jan!

I personally really like the Caron “Simply Soft” yarns :slight_smile: I got some in a second-hand store, thought it was some expensive luxury yarn because it is so soft and has a lovely satin sheen to it. I thought it was cotton, but it’s 100% acrylic! Well, it is very inexpensive: big skeins going for a bit over 3 USD. Another one, not “satiny”, acrylic also but not as soft is Loops & Threads Impeccable. Not sure it’s discontinued or not.
Agree with the other comment on Red Hearts Super Savers scratchy acrylics. They are SO scratchy I can’t even use them for slippers, because they feel so icky on my feet. They are also very slippery worn as a slipper so don’t wear on anything other than a carpet floor.
Super Savers are ok for making big quilts/afghans and you need a lot of real estate to cover without spending a thousand dollars. If making a cowl, or other accessory, use the BEST yarn you can afford. And, although you’ve sworn off wool, try Wool-Ease by Patons(?) I think it is. Try a lot of different wools before you make up your mind. There are some cashmeres that are JUST scrumptious :slight_smile: and feel sooo good against the skin.

Those are a couple of my favorites, too. But I really like Bernat Softee Chunky, too. I am making simple cowls out different colors. Cowls seem to be popular this year.

Loops and Threads Impeccable, also is great, too. and I am making a couple of hats with it. It’s at Michael’s and we actually have a Michael’s in our little bitty town! Loops and Threads also Charisma is also a fav.