Finding a necktie pattern?

Hi everyone,

I just started knitting a few weeks ago, and just finished my first project. I knit a basic scarf out of Plymouth Baby Grand Alpaca yarn- it came out great! Should make a nice gift for my girlfriend…

Anyway, I’m ready to start my next project, and I thought it would be sort of cool to make myself a necktie in a really bright color. However, most of the patterns I’ve found on the internet produce a tie with a squared-off end, which I think looks goofy. I’d much prefer a pattern that produces a tie with a standard, tapered end like a regular tie. The few patterns I did find that met my needs used yarn that I didn’t like very much- for instance, I found one that called for 50g of Bernat Handicrafter Cotton yarn, but I don’t like the color options for this yarn, and I’d like to use something a little nicer- a silk blend, maybe? I thought the Plassard Bourette de Soie offered at looked good, but I have no idea if this would be suitable.

Any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help!


You can still use that pattern without using the yarn. If you want a different yarn, just make sure it has the same gauge as the pattern calls for.

Maybe you could find something here.


Here ya go…

You oughta find something you like there :slight_smile: Or at least get a headstart in designing your own :wink: I thought it’d be hard to find, but amazingly I found some :XX:

Here’s a “pointy end” one too

here is a neck tie