Finding a drop spindle

I can’t seem to find one anywhere. My Mom and I have gone to every Antique place, every craft place, and I can’t find one anywhere (I s’pose that’s what I get for living in the middle of nowhere). Does anyone know a good place to find a good drop spindle for a beginner?

Thanks y’all :slight_smile:

Well… I just checked your profile and find you are in South Carolina. This could be tricky, as spinning still hasn’t caught on as much in the South as it has in other places. But, if you get down to Savannah, GA, downtown there is a shop called Wild Fibre, and she sells drop spindles.

That’s what the girl at our ONLY lys said too. I asked her if she sold any stuff for spinning and she said no, so I asked if she knew somewhere I could get any ('cause her daughter spins) and she laughed and said Savannah. Thanks, at least it’s not too far from where I am, since I live at the very bottom of SC.

I’ve never had or used a drop spindle before so I was wondering what y’all might think of one of these. They are adjustable weights and I’m assuming that would be a good thing.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Personally I think that spindle is too light for a beginner. Its really ment for silk or cotton. I am assuming you want to spin wool (wool is easier to start with)

Try this link -
You need acrobat reader to view it.

You can get the parts at home depot (or similar diy store)

I always get frustrated when I read these kind of instructions. They will say something like - you can make it for less than $3.00. Well sort of - if you have all the tools. So figure it will really cost you about between $10 and $15 with tools included.

When I made mine I bought dowels cut to length from hobby lobby. They are 12" long and come in a 4 or 5 pack for about 1.50.
If you buy a longer dowel you will have to cut it yourself. Figure in about 5.00 for a hack saw - look for “pocket sized”.
The next big pain will be a drill. I used a pin vise I bought at the home depot and a 1/16 drill bit. You dont need no power tools! :smiley:
All you really need to do is start the hole at the top of the dowel for the cup hook. Dont try to just screw it in - the wood will crack. But the wood is soft enough that you dont need power. If you cant find a pin vise - use a lump of sculpey or the like. Just push the drill bit in and bake at 275 for 20 minutes on a non-metal plate. Regular oven safe plate is fine. Sculpey is 1.50 a brick at hobby lobby. Oh yeah - and cds can be had for free if you hit the local walmart - they have aol all over the place.

The hardest part about making your own spindle is getting it balanced. Warped dowels and uneven placing of the cup hook are your enemies. Go ahead and buy the multi pack of precut dowels. If you mess up one you will have more! Just make sure your dowels are as straight as can be when you buy them. roll them on a flat counter or floor. If they dont roll all the way around they arent straight.
Buy a tube of good glue - look for “household welder” it will glue the rubber gromets and the plastic cds. Do glue the cds together and weight them under a heavy book. If you dont glue them together the cds will wobble and thats bad! :smiley:
You can also use the glue to glue the rubber gromets to the dowel. This will keep it from slipping around. You dont have to glue right away though. Try the spindle and see if it feels balanced. If not then you can try tipping the cds slightly. Once you have the “sweet spot” glue em down!
I like a pointed tip on my spindle - but the 3/6" dowel was too big for my pencil sharpener. So I used a disposable utility knife from walmart - 98cents back by the tools, and carved a point. Just shave off the wood - go slow and be careful!

Now I know I made this all seem like a big job. But it really isnt. I am just passing on some tips that I learned when making my spindle. I actually made mine twice. The second one was the best - I learned a lot from the first. I threw the first one out and the second one has become a good friend.

Do try making your own. It really isnt hard and did not take very long to make. The end result is as good as anything you can buy (work wise anyway) and once you know how you can always make a new one.
Or make them for your friends and give them away as gifts!

Whoa! Thanks! My bf has a drill, and I already bought some dowels to make needles with, so that’s great. And we have too many of those aol cd’s for coasters. :wink: Just have to get a grommet and hook and I’ll be set. Now I just have to go online and get a small amount of roving (without going nuts over allll the pretty colors:p) and I’ll give this spinning thing a go.

Thanks again, great help :slight_smile: :drooling:

Good luck with your CD spindle! And be sure to keep us posted about your progress.

I LOVED the drop spindle for sale on Ebay, but have to agree it might be too hard just starting out. (But wow, have you got good taste!!)

If you do ever get down to Savannah, be sure to check her stuff out.