Find this pattern


Which pattern do you want? Is it the white piece with garter ridges on the bottom or one of the stitch patterns on top?

What are they patterns of???

The front items are pullover baby bibs

I didn’t find bibs with a neckband like that. I’ll think about search terms and check Ravelry again.

Here are a couple pull-over bib patterns:

I’ve used the first one numerous times; it’s quick and fun to make and easy to adjust the number of stitches to use different patterns in the bib.

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This is a simple pattern to do, and you can make up your own designs.

First, you need to do the ribbing – just as you would for a sweater. You can do it in the round, or flat and then seam the side ends. The rest is knit flat (back and forth) in any pattern you desire – you can make up your own designs here.

Look through any pattern book, and choose one you like. Note: for the patterns to show up, use a lighter colour, and a plain solid is best. For plain knitting, you can use darker and variegated yarns.

Have fun!!