Find inside end of yarn in skein

[COLOR=#363636][FONT=Times New Roman]I’m knitting an afghan and after starting decided I wanted to make it a few inches longer. Of course, I couldn’t get another skein of the same dye lot so I got a close one. Since I’m working holding two strands of yarn together, the color difference won’t be bad. I’m now using one original and one new together. Problem is I only need to use one skein of the new color (together with one skein of the original so that leaves me, when I get to the end with only one original left instead of the usual two. So when I get near the end of the afghan, if there were a way that I could knit from both ends of my last original skein that would solve the problem. Does anyone know how I could accomplish knitting from both ends of the same skein? I can’t figure out how to find the inside end of the yarn. If I haven’t made myself clear, I’ll be glad to try to improve my explication.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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I find with Bernat, and Lily, the inside end is well hidden and I often just get an interior loop and pull. This usually pulls a ball of yarn from the middle and you may have several yards to untangle, but the end is in that tangle. It does get easier with practice.

Red Heart has the outer and inner ends marked on the label.

<-- Outside end tucked in center. VS. Grasp Inner end and pull. -->

I usually stick one finger in each end of the skein and work them around trying to feel the wrap of the skein and smooth out the inside into a tube again. Sometimes I actually manage to find the end but most of the time I get a yard or so pulled out before the end appears.

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