I’m finally learning to crochet! I’ve attempted it off and on, since about a year after I began knitting, but, I’d quickly get tired of it because I didn’t want to learn…lol…Well, I did, but, since I already knew how to knit, I didn’t feel like having to learn something again. I figured, eh, I can knit so why bother learning something else? But, I’ve seen soo many crochet patterns I just love and always think, man, I really gotta learn to crochet. I have Debbie Stoller’s “The Happy Hooker” (and have had it for about 2 years now…lol) and finally, today, I decided to sit down and really give it a go. Well, in just a few hours time, I now know the single crochet, double crochet, triple crochet, slip stitch and increases. Now I wanna make something!! lol…I know I’ll have to keep practicing, as I did with knitting, starting with smaller projects until I’m comfortable with it, but, at least I’m much further now than I ever have been! And, I’m sure I’ll be coming back to this thread with questions…lol…Anyway, yeah, I’m just happy I finally got the motivation to sit down and really try my hand at it!

Cool! I actually learned to crochet a few years before I seriously got into knitting (I learned basic bind on, knit, purl and cast off when I was a little girl, but never really went anywhere with it). I think if you learn one skill first, even though they are different, your fine motor skills are better, so the other is easier. I also think it’s easier to learn to tension your yarn in one craft if you already know how to do the other.

Anyway, definitely share your stuff. And check out all the awesome crochet patterns on Rav. I’ve only ever made afghans, but I have this sweater in my queue:

That Iota sweater pattern looks just lovely! I may have to put that on my list of things to do! I’m not a huge fan of crocheted garments. I much prefer knitted clothing. But this one is just too pretty to pass up.

Thanks for the link!


You’re welcome! I totally agree about not liking crocheted clothing so much, but once in awhile, a crocheted sweater comes along that I just fall in love with. I think Interweave Crochet has some nice patterns too.

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Hey, we’re gonna get you too! Another one takes the hook!

Pick a project:

Hat, scarf, mittens, lap blanket, slippers, etc.[/COLOR]

I would love to find out where you found the pattern for the Potholder with the NC State logo!!!


Still looking for a project? How about a crocheted Guy’s Cap & Scarf Set? The cap is a paperboy hat (or tam without the bill) and is crocheted in-the-round; uses DC and front post DC (as increase) and also uses decreases. The hat’s bill uses SC with two strands of yarn. Hook size is I. My [B][U]FO “Raspberry Beret”[/U][/B] is a modification of this cap pattern. I substituted the back post DC instead of the FPDC and left off the bill (or ‘peak’ as Priscilla calls it).

:thumbsup: [COLOR=“DarkSlateBlue”]or [B]Crochet[/B] Guy’s cap and scarf set follow [U]Wearables[/U] link to PDF at [B][U]Priscilla’s Crochet[/U][/B] ( )[/COLOR]

The [B][U]NC State Potholder[/U][/B] is one of my own patterns. :slight_smile: I never wrote it out, just a chart. :wink: Search the “What’cha Knittin’?” or “Patterns” forums and you should find the chart. I figure I can take just about any suitable logo and make a chart from it. (Some logos are too curvy) :roll:

But that’s stranded knitting and Demonica is crocheting! :yay:

Hey! I just realized there is no smile for crochet… :eyebrow2:

Well, I did make a simple single crochet dishcloth with a color change last night…lol…Nothing special, but, I made something! :teehee: