Finally tried dpns

Since I didn’t have dpns when I started knitting, but had an Addi Turbo Lace circular 32" (being clueless in a yarn shop on vacation - this is what they sold me - I lucked out as I think it made my learning to knit much easier), I learned to do small circumference circular knitting with Amy’s magic loop video. Then I got the Options set and could do magic loop no matter what size needle I needed. DPNs intimidated me - just the sight of all those needles fighting with each other (in my mind). Well … I picked some up this weekend and tried them - and absolutely love using them :woohoo:I find them much easier and less “fussy” than the magic loop. Who knew?!? (well, I guess a lot of YOU did!:roflhard:) So now I have another tool in my arsenal :woot:

Good for you! :yay: I usually like dpns better than circs for things like sock knitting. I do like magic loop, though, when I need to try the item on.

i really adore dpns. i learned on them as a kid, and found them pretty easy to pick back up when i started knitting socks a couple of years ago. there is something about knitting with four or five needles that makes me feel SO accomplished, lol.

Good point Vendie about trying things on…I’ll have to remember that as I start my first SLEEVED sweater - Thanks:thumbsup:

:woot:Good job! Now you just have to throw in a cabled sock and you can have a pointy sharp cable needle in there too!

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=darkorchid]I love DPNs! They feel so, so, so historical. I feel a link to knitters of the past (which are different than knitters with a past).[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

I prefer circulars, but it’s good to know how to use dpns too. Different patterns need different techniques.

I prefer DPN’s. I just knit a pair of socks on 2 cirs and hated it. I’m sticking with DPN’s.

YarnLady - I totally understand the historical connection feeling - and I love that picture!

:passedout: Yikes!


Dpn’s are great… actually I was much more afraid of circular needles than of dpn’s, dpn’s are just miniature needles, but circulars… well they are even smaller and they can wiggle and just looks darn scary:eyes:… Besides I feel that circulars puts more strain on the hands than dpn’s and straight needles…

DPNs - Six months later and my hubby still can’t bear to [I]look[/I] at them.

I think it’s post traumatic stress disorder from when he says that I nearly took his eye out with one of them. Honestly, men do exaggerate - it was a good quarter of an inch away from his eyelid. Mind you, I was a bit surprised at the size of the hole that the DPN made in the newspaper he was reading at the time.

I keep on telling His Hubbiness that it is now perfectly safe for him to be in the same room at the same time as me when I’m knitting hats but I don’t think he’s convinced. All I have to do is get out my knitting and the place is deserted in 30 seconds flat.

I still have to be a bit careful as well, with Hatty Cat. She hisses and hops it as soon as she sees me getting the wool and needles out - I don’t think she’s forgiven me yet for being woken up by a DPN heading past her whiskers like a heat-seeking missile.

Ah, well … where did I put my beanie pattern? I have never known anything go missing so much and it always turns up in the most unexpected places … a corner of it sticking out of the garden compost heap and I even found it once among a pile of papers due to be shredded … hope it’s not lining the bottom of the cat litter tray like last time.:ick:

(It’s ok - it’s a free pattern, so I just print off another copy!)


Limey – You are too funny!

see, i’m the opposite. i love 2 circs or magic loop for knitting in the round. and when it comes to socks, you have 50% fewer intersections. that’s 50% less chance of ladders!

and if i want to try something on, i just slide the knitting down onto the cables and pop it right on. :wink:

i use my dpn’s as cable needles now.