Finally sorted!

Hi guys! I’m so happy to be back online and posting now! My computer was so messed up and took me ages to fix.

Ok, well I didn’t actually fix it myself, I had to have a friend over to look at it. It took him 1 hour to sort it out…after I’ve been trying for 4 weeks!

So my blog has been updated as well including a new poll question and pics to come later today.

Man it’s funny how you miss something when it’s gone! Put up a parking lot…no thanks!

So how’ve you all been?! Catch me up on the news!

Great to hear from you! I wondered what happened to you. I’m glad it was nothing more serious (even though it’s supremely annoying for you) than computer woes. Our computer (thank heavens a loaner from DH’s work) keeled over completely, unable to resurrect, a short while ago. So, new loaner, better antivirus protection. Things have been swimming along here as usual. KellyK, Hildie, and Beldie are the ringleaders of naughtiness. We have great new friends. I won’t fill in all the details since you will be reading as many missed posts as possible, no doubt. Glad you’re back! :cheering:

Um…I believe you meant to say KNOTTINESS! :devil:

And, there is NO WAY my name should have come first in that list…Hilde and Beldie were here first, and I am only their KNOTTY UNDERSTUDY.
Kelly bows :notworthy: to Hildie and Beldie

And how long have you been delusional, dear?

Nope - not delusional…it’s true. My KNOTTY nature only shows itself when encouraged by other KNOTTY women. Hilde and Beldie are The Wind Beneath My silly Wings!

Well to tell the truth, it is my belief that Holly started the very first naughty comment around here. That fun fur scarf is still one of my fav stories.

Then I’d say foldedbird would be next in line and she’s the one that encouraged and unleashed the first time I said anything naughty.

It was all downhill after that. I think Amy tried to keep is in line once, but by then it was too late. Although, I’ll have Amy know that I am behaving.

Can’t say much for Hilde or Kelly though…

Welcome back Egeria. It’s nice to see you back on the forums again. I have been wanting to ask you a question for a long time now, but thought you had left. When are you coming to Alberta and where will you be?

:cheering: Welcome back Egeria!!! It’s been forever!

What’s new? Let’s see…

Got some cool emoticons, was this before you left? I found this knitter one floating around on the net: :XX: I asked if someone knew how to edit it, so we could have a guy knitter, and Happenin came up with the awesome :XY: boy knitter. Then I got ambitious and learned how to make my own, so I made the Frogging emoticon: :frog:

We’ve got a couple new forums.

I’m putting together a cafepress store, with knittinghelp t-shirts, etc. The ideas contributed have been totally excellent.

GREAT to have you back!!
xoxo Amy

Wow Amy I love the emoticons! They are too cute!

Man I’ve missed all the naughtiness around! I have a mind that is 20m below the gutter but people at work just don’t get my humour!!

Will be catching up in no time!

Beldie, I’ll be in Alberta in August, but no firm plans for my iternerary yet. Will be driving around from Calgary to Edmonton to Jasper to Banff then back to Calgary.

Why, pray tell, do you ask?!

Oh that’s still a long time away. Silly Egeria, as if you didn’t know already that I live in Alberta :wink:

Of course I was thinking that if you had the location right, and the time, that you might want to meet at a cafe or a park (if it’s nice out) to do some knitting.

If you think you might have the time, and want to :), PM me.

I am never naughty. Beldie made me do it. KK started it. I tried to stop them!!!

and i DO have to point out that while Beldie and I joined within a week of each other in January… KK joined TWO WHOLE MONTHS later and has posted as much as Beld and I… so THAT should tell you WHO is doing all the naughty talk, right there!!!

anyway, glad you’re back too! did you ever get S&B or S&B Nation?

[color=red][size=6]:mad: HEY! :mad:[/size][/color]
THAT only proves Im CHATTY!

BTW…did I ever actually say HI, Egeria?? :oops:

naughty chatty!

Well…SOMEtimes. :oops: