Finally got some mmmalabrigo but

it smells funny :?? almost like ketchup…if that makes sense? haha i was knitting with it last night and i was like “what is that smell??” am i just tripping out or is this a problem anyone else has had? i’m worried that washing it will make the beautiful colors run…

I think a lot of the South American wool has a vinegar like smell. And I think that it’s in there to set the color, so rinsing it out should be fine, just use lukewarm/coolish water.

I agree, it does have a vinegar smell. That may dissapate as the yarn “airs” if not I’d use a wool wash when you block it (thye have some lovely lavender scented ones).

it does go away! :slight_smile: it is from the dye process. you could let it air out first or just knit and let it air out as you go :wink:

haha ok good! i was wondering what it was and i figured it had to do with the dyeing process. thanks for clearing that up for me!!

I found it helps to put fabric softner sheets in my yarn. I also put it in my knitting bag.

The smell doesn’t go away… it’ll get worse. You should send all of your Malabrigo to me and save yourself.

bwahahahahahahahaha. silver’s a bad bad girl!

Wha?? I’m just tryin to help! :shrug: