Finally Finishing Baby Bolero Cardigan

First, let me say thank you to everyone for responding to all my questions regarding this pattern. I normally stick to blankets because I can figure out the pattern. This is the first time I am trying a cardigan so I have had a lot of questions.

I am working on the border and I have picked up and knitted the correct number of stitches. After working in 2x2 rib for 2 rows the pattern now states the following:

Next Row. Rib 20, cast off 1 st, rib to end
Next Row. Rib 33, cast on 1 st, rib to end

Does the rib 20 mean work in 2x2 rib for 20 stitches or 20 times? I think it is 20 stitches but wanted clarification.

Also, how do I cast on 1 st for the 2 row? I have done cast on at the end of a row but not in the middle. Any help would be great!

Thanks again for everyone’s help!

Work the ribbing over 20 sts. To cast on one stitch, you can just do a backward loop or put the needle in your left hand and knit one on.

Thanks and I need a little clarification. Is this the same thing as yarn over? If not can you give a little more detail on how to do a backward loop or how to do the putting the needle in your left hand and knit one on. Can I switch my right hand needle to my left hand and cast on one and then switch back and contine in my 2x2 rib pattern?

You can do a YO and knit it closed on the next row. The Increases page shows the backward loop as a M1, which is just done on the right needle without swapping. To do a knit cast on yes, just put the needle in your left hand, cast on the st, and then make it your right needle again.

Thanks again suzeeq! You have been such a great help throughout this project!