Figuring Pattern Stitch Counts and Repeats

One of my pet peeves is that all stitch patterns don’t have the stitch counts… I know I can count them myself but is there a trick without having to cast on? I think I’m doing it right but not sure. HELP!!!

Here’s an example of one I’m trying to figure out:

K6, *P2, k10, repeat from * to last 8 sts, P2, k6

I usually add all the stitches in the sequence, then any extra are the + sts. ???
So would this one be 24 + 2?

My first guess would be 12 + 14

I add the pattern repeat as the main part and then the edge stitches as the +

Or if you don’t count the border stitches–the k6 at each end, then it would be 12 + 2

That computes perfectly and I thank you so very much… so basically add the repeats plus extras and borders for the +

This is the pattern:

Generally, yes. In this case, I think the stitch pattern would be 24 + 2 since the cable pattern refers to needing 24 stitches.

ARGHHHHHHHHH!!! See what I mean?? The 24 + 2 doesn’t compute (230 -2 =228 divided by 24 comes out to 9.5) (230 - 14 = 216 divided by 12 comes out to 18) So from this I know your first post is correct. Confusing, huh? LOLOL The joys of knitting knowledge…

But 230 includes the 12 edge stitches.

230 - 12 = 218
218 - 2 = 216
216/24 = 9 :cool:

Okay, gotcha!!! Thanks again, Ingrid!!!