Figuring Multiples of Patterns

I am getting ready to start a fan and feather afghan that I want to make wider. I am going to state the patter to see if anyone can help me with the multiples for this pattern. Row 1-8: knit; Row 9: knit 6, k2 yog x 4; yo, P1 x 8; K 2 tog x 4; repeat 7 x from * to *; K
Row 10: knit; Row 11: knit 6, purl across to last 6 stitches, knit last 6 st; Row 12: knit; repeat til end; finish by knitting 8 rows of garder st for border.
I was wondering if it would be multiples of 16 + 12? As you can tell, I am a beginner.

It would be a multiple of 24 plus 12. So your total # of state could be



Thank you so much but can you please explain how you came up with your answer?