Fibonacci Top

I am working on a cute little sleeveless top; the Fibonacci Top by knithagoras. Using #2 US 24" circular needles; the yarn is Lang’s baby cashmerino in a sunflower yellow, colorway #1012.0014. (I had started another project using a very fuzzy, unstructured yarn with a complicated pattern requiring many YO’s and stitch markers, wherein I promptly lost the path of the pattern. After about 8 inches of work, I gave myself permission to ditch the sweater I was clearly not enjoying knitting and embarked on something completely different!) This was a big step for me and I am loving working on this perky little shell.IMG_1148


That’s going to be lovely and as a bonus, it looks like fun to knit.
There are just projects and yarn that you have to walk away from sometimes. The yarn will work with another pattern and the pattern will look better with a different yarn. Smart to realize it and put down those needles.

I so appreciate your comment. It took me years to not “finish the book” I had started, even if I wasn’t enjoying it. Now, if I don’t like the story or the writing, it just gets returned to the library; no muss, no fuss. That lesson definitely informed my decision to bail on that sweater!


I’m totally with you on this. I always say there are so many books in the world that I’ll never be able to read all of them so why waste time on one I’m not enjoying?
Even more pertinent when little kids are learning to read, forcing them to get through a nook they don’t like just puts them off, why not just switch to one they enjoy.

Your knitting looks great, such a sunny colour too.

That is exactly why I chose that color; as soon as I saw it, bingo!, that’s what I need right now!

The piece will improve quite a bit with blocking, I think. This is the first time I have knitted a design with YO’s and the purl accent - It looks fairly lumpy right now, but hopefully the blocking will cure that. Thank you for the kudos!