Fiber Types & Source Suggestions

My birthday is coming up in March and my DH has said that he would like to get me a ton of roving. He’s also coordinating with my parents and his parents so that he can get me some good stuff. I’m thinking about getting a pound of different kinds of fiber to try. I have some romney wool that I’m finishing up and a nice pount of chocolate alpaca waiting.

My question is what types of fibers should I ask him to get me and do you have any favorite sellers? So far I’ve only gotten stuff from Paradise Fibers - they’re great but I’d love more suggestions. Thanks!

Spunky Eclectic is fabulous – she carries bulk natural fibers as well as a lot of hand-painted stuff. A good portion of my Christmas haul came from there. :smiley: I just told my DH what kind of fibers I liked or wanted to try, and he chose the colors.

If you haven’t tried BFL, I highly recommend it! The finished yarn is so soft and sproingy. Merino/Tencel is soooo nice too…a lot of places carry it…I know Paradise Fibers has the natural superwash M/T at a fantastic price. The Fold carries most of the Ashland Bay colors, and in their shop they carry a bunch of Blue Moon Fiber Arts handpainted M/T too. It’s so droolworthy, and it’s a dream to spin!

I’ve also really enjoyed spinning Cormo – it’s very soft, but the roving I got doesn’t want to be very smooth…I think that the combed top might yield a smoother yarn. I got it from Wooly Booly Cormos.

I need to go start dinner but if I think of more I will come back later :smiley:

Three words…

Susan’s Spinning Bunny


Ever try Alpaca Direct? Decent prices, good variety; FREE SHIPPING with $40 or more. :happydance:

I feel like going and buying something, but since I just sent most of my fleeces off for processing and already have enough roving in stash … can’t justify buying more! Oh, well…

In case you want to check them out,

These are all great sites. I’ve been slowly shopping thru each and making a list of my favorites. My DH shouldn’t have any problems getting this stuff for me if I give him a list!

Thanks again!