Fiber Trends Clogs men's yardage

Hey all,
I’m on vacation and my husband has found some yarn he likes and wants me to make him a pair of the clogs. I’ve only made ones for myself so I’m not sure of yardage and I can’t seem to find the yardage chart online anywhere and obviously my pattern is at home. Does anyone know the yardage amount for the men’s size 11ish? Thanks!

My pattern says 675 yds for a men’s size 11 :slight_smile:

Fantastic! Thanks!!! :muah:

:wall: I forgot to ask how it splits out if you are using two colors!!

1/3 of the yardage is in the upper color, which is about 225 yds, and 2/3 is in the sole/cuff color, which is about 450 yds.

Thank you so much! You do not know how much you’ve helped me. :happydance:

No problem :muah: