Fiber trend clogs

This is my second pair they are for my niece I really enjoyed the pattern but now I am looking for a new challenge I want to try some seaming and a more involved pattern like a sweaterm I am working on my 3rd sweater in the round and I am anxious to try something more challenging like Starsky but I am a chicken .Should I look for something a little easier than that and just go for it??

I really really need to make some of these!!!

they are SOOOO cool…I should go look at what yarn is used, because I like how the stitches disapear!!!

I say go for it!!! As KellyK says…it’s just pulling loops through other loops…

Thanks! I used Wool of the andes from knitpicks

i’m seriously beginning to have a love affair with that yarn. sigh…swoon

Those are cute colors!

Great job!

Starsky is a ton of fun to knit and is spicy - but worth it!!!

i always love seeing these finished! they are so cute!!! great job :cheering:

i need to make a pair myself! nice work! :cheering:

curious, though: is the felted version soft?

I need to make some of those sometime, too.

I need to make some of those sometime, too. Ijust ordered some Wool of the Andes, so I might make some.

:cheering: :cheering:

Your clogs came out beautiful!! I love the colors.

I recently joined in the “Knit Along” here to make these clogs. I have the pattern but I’m still waiting on my WOTA to arrive via mail from KP’s and then I’ll get started. :cheering: :cheering:

I LOVE that pattern but I’ve never actually made a pair (notice it’s on my want-to-do list…). You’ve inspired me…I think I’ll have to buy the pattern and get started…